Christ Centered Community

Elim Care has a commitment to cultivating a Christ-centered community for our residents, guests, employees, and families. When we say this, it is not just a reflection of our denominational affiliation or faith-orientation. It’s a reflection of something more…something in our DNA.
It’s a reflection of a commitment:

  • A commitment to serve as Christ served, meeting physical, emotional, and spiritual needs with every member of our community
  • A commitment to honesty and integrity in every relationship
  • A commitment to honor the sanctity of every human life
  • A commitment to operate all facets of our organization with honesty and excellence
  • A commitment to innovation, valuing flexibility and creativity so that we remain relevant to the families we serve

It is our goal that the care and quality of this Christ-centered community permeate all aspects of the operations and culture at Elim Care facilities. No department or employee can separate itself from this value, and every resident is a participant in it.

From mealtimes and social events to new resident onboarding and healthcare support, we are fully committed to this depiction of community

…and we invite you to be part of it.