It Starts With A Conversation

Honest Dialogue

Why are you considering long-term care?

Is there a specific situation that prompted this discussion or is this a progressively developing issue?

As you begin this journey, these questions are a good place to start.

Here’s a summary of what we recommend:

Be Honest

As difficult as it may be, honest dialogue gives you a grid for making the right decisions at the right time. It allows you to bring everyone together to have the same conversation.

Be Sensitive

These conversations are often layered with emotion. We recommend that someone in the family who can navigate difficult emotional situations be a facilitator or at least a voice of calm reason when it gets tense.

Be Intentional

The options that are available to you and your family are many, so don’t limit yourself to “nursing home” terminology. That term conjures up negative emotions to many, and can be a roadblock to positive solutions. Instead, do your homework and know the avenues available to you. Remember-This conversation is about improving the quality of life and increasing independence!

Be Patient

The goal of this process is not to get everyone to see things your way, but to arrive at the best solution. Often times, this comes down to scheduling a visit or initiating some research-oriented activities where you and your loved ones can explore ideas together.

Because of honest dialogue, you can know exactly what kind of solution will work best for you and your family.

Let Us Help

Let Us Help

Take Action

Come be part of our community, even if just for a day. Enjoy a fresh-cooked meal. Engage in conversations about what days are like at one of our beautiful campuses. Experience a community full of life and new opportunities.

Whether you are considering long-term care for an immediate solution or doing groundwork to prepare for the future, Elim Care is here…every step of the way…with the experience and staff to help you.

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